Monday, September 13, 2010

Introduction: The Office

WARNING:  Our office is messy...

Yes, yes.  This our office (otherwise known as the third bedroom).  I do have a plan for this room but, it seems to always take second (or third, or fourth) place in priority compared to the other rooms in the house.  Maybe this is because we always in it on the computer or because it is just so random! 

The worst part about the office is the organization.  As you can see here.  YES.  This is MY desk.  And it is definitely an example of who I am.  Artistic, full of information and, completely random.  I keep telling myself to make it to the Container Store so I can find ways to make this look a heck of a lot better.

But, like I said, I DO have a plan.  I just haven't really started implementing it.   My idea is to do the whole office in architecture and culture (which would be because my husband is an architect and I have a minor in anthropology just for the fun of it).  I sort of, kind of started....

The top picture is one of my husband's models from architecture school.  I actually saw him build this and display it at the end of the year student work show at IIT.  So I guess it is pretty cool we kept it.  It is my favorite model of his.  The bottom picture is a ceramic house he made in high school (which inspired him to become and architect) and the postcards in the frames are some 1920s cards I picked up a an antique store.  One is the Wrigley building and the other is the Watertower.  I love to collect Chicago architecture pieces like this.