Saturday, July 31, 2010

My New Couch....

So, I randomly scored a new (vintage) couch from a family friend this week.  They were redoing their front room and mentioned that they would try to sell the couch on Craigslist.  I jumped the opportunity and offered to buy it from them.  Luckily, they were more than generous and gave us the couch for nothing!

So here it is!  (Ignore my cat).  Its a vintage 1960s sectional with peach upholstery.  Not exactly my first choice for color on the fabric but, I am beginning to like it.  It reminds me of the show Mad Men.  Something Don would have in his office or at least something in a swanky hotel Don would seduce a woman in.  My cat has taken a special loving to it.  I think she believes it is for her because she never leaves it unless we are feeding her.

I am not sure the decor of this room yet.  The picture is taken in our front room.  It is the least decorated room and the previous owner used it for a pool table (he was obviously a bachelor).  Eventually, a white baby grand piano will go in this room (my husband inherits one from his parents but we want to put in wood floors first).  So, I am thinking it should be a bit jazzy.  I sang jazz for years and it is my music of choice so it would be nice to have a room that is slightly dedicated to my musical passion.  I am not so sure the husband will agree but, then again, he liked the pool table idea the previous owner had (hah.  men.).

Monday, July 26, 2010

Introduction: The Living Room

This is our most lived-in space.  Mainly because this is where the TV is and because it is the closest to the kitchen.  We received these couches from my in-laws when we moved into the house as a housewarming gift.  I really like them even though they are not really my style (they are my husbands style).  I think the biggest issue in this room is the color of the walls.  I really love grey walls but, I think it is a bit too dark next to the couches.


Whenever someone asks me what the theme of this room is, I say, "dark nature."  Although, I am not sure that that statement really means anything to any one but, well, me.  I see it as dark colors with pops of greens and sages in silhouettes of various natural things.  I really want to have some crazy black and white photos ala Ansel Adams but, haven't gotten around to purchasing any. 

I feel that the style sort of shows through in some of the pieces that currently exist in the room but, I am well aware it lacks some ooomph.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Introduction: The Upstairs Bathroom

This is our upstairs bathroom.  It is probably one of the only styled rooms in the house.  I based the entire color scheme and decor off a Roger & Gallet soap box (as seen below...we use it to store scissors, tweezers, etc).  The reason this little box is so important is that it is the brand of soap I bought him when I visited him during his semester abroad in Paris for Architecture school.  Well, and it is pretty.

Another unique piece in the bathroom is a set of decorative wall plates that were my grandmothers.  They are from the French Mediterranean coast and I inherited them when she passed away.  You can't tell, but they are sort of 3D.

We also have what my husband calls as useless towels set up in a cheapy IKEA bookshelf.  We have had this bookshelf forever.  It once sat in my closet as a way to store sweaters in our old apartment in Chicago.  It doesn't store much but I would love to replace it.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Introduction: Our House

This is our house.  I know, I needs a bit of landscaping love.  BUT, it is actually not too bad!  Our house was built in 1992 (I really wanted a 1920s bungalow but, I guess that just wasn't in the cards).  We got our house out of a bit of was a short sale and the owner told us exactly what the bank would accept as an offer on the lowest end. 

The house is a three step ranch, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1900 square feet, which we are told have the best resale value. I guess this has something to do with the growing demand for non-stair-climbing houses from the aging Baby Boomer generation.  We really just liked the house.  Aside from the horribly ugly carpet (which you will notice right away when I introduce a room a day to you) and the old roof, we haven't had any major issues with it.  I think we made out well.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Welcome to my decor dilemma!

I have to first explain how this idea came about...  You see, my husband and I bought a house and got married.  And it is significantly larger then the apartment we had in Chicago.  So what is the dilemma?  How do we even begin to decorate it!? 

My name is Lara.  You may have stumbled on this blog or you may have come from my other blog, la chouette en dimanche.  Either way, welcome!  My first week will be introducing you to the house and rooms in my house with their current decor (or lack there of) and it will simply follow me through thrifting, budgeting, bargain buying and inheriting the pieces that I choose for each room.  I will also have inspiration days where I post others' homes and decor that inspire my spaces as well.

I am sure it is pretty obvious but, I am open to questions and suggestions!  And heck, if you have a room or piece in your house that you think would inspire me and others, please feel free to Email Me!