Sunday, July 18, 2010

Welcome to my decor dilemma!

I have to first explain how this idea came about...  You see, my husband and I bought a house and got married.  And it is significantly larger then the apartment we had in Chicago.  So what is the dilemma?  How do we even begin to decorate it!? 

My name is Lara.  You may have stumbled on this blog or you may have come from my other blog, la chouette en dimanche.  Either way, welcome!  My first week will be introducing you to the house and rooms in my house with their current decor (or lack there of) and it will simply follow me through thrifting, budgeting, bargain buying and inheriting the pieces that I choose for each room.  I will also have inspiration days where I post others' homes and decor that inspire my spaces as well.

I am sure it is pretty obvious but, I am open to questions and suggestions!  And heck, if you have a room or piece in your house that you think would inspire me and others, please feel free to Email Me!

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