Monday, July 26, 2010

Introduction: The Living Room

This is our most lived-in space.  Mainly because this is where the TV is and because it is the closest to the kitchen.  We received these couches from my in-laws when we moved into the house as a housewarming gift.  I really like them even though they are not really my style (they are my husbands style).  I think the biggest issue in this room is the color of the walls.  I really love grey walls but, I think it is a bit too dark next to the couches.


Whenever someone asks me what the theme of this room is, I say, "dark nature."  Although, I am not sure that that statement really means anything to any one but, well, me.  I see it as dark colors with pops of greens and sages in silhouettes of various natural things.  I really want to have some crazy black and white photos ala Ansel Adams but, haven't gotten around to purchasing any. 

I feel that the style sort of shows through in some of the pieces that currently exist in the room but, I am well aware it lacks some ooomph.

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