Sunday, August 15, 2010

Introduction: The Entryway

So we have a really small and dark entryway in our house.  It is generally only enough room for a small bench (which I lack so, you aren't going to see it!).  But I have managed to do something with the wall space.  Luckily, we have amazing photos from both our engagement session and from our wedding so, a photo collage is a need.

In my opinion, photo collages are the best and cheapest way to fill a large wall space.  It is the best because it is pictures of your family and it rarely has to be perfect (just level).  Thanks to my local Hobby Lobby (aka, the best place ever), I picked up all of these frames for under $50.  If you hit the store on the right week, all of their frames are 50% off which makes this decorating idea a no-brainer.  I chose black frames of all different shapes and sizes to go with the art on the adjacent wall.

I made this piece a few years ago using an old frame my best friend gave me because she didn't like the style and a $4.99 Sunprint kit from Urban Outfitters.  It happened to be on the clearance table and I thought it seemed interesting.  I used a few leaves and flowers (ok weeds) that were growing under the porch of our apartment to create the prints and then simply framed them.

Sunprint kits are actually really fun to use and I have used them before for making cards and in scrapbooks. I believe you can get them in all different colors (although blue seems to be the most common) and they work by being bleached in direct sunlight.  When an object is placed on them to block the sun or even partially block the sun, they create a sort of 3D image on the paper.

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